Order FAA/EASA-approved Autogas STC certificate and placard for USA

This page is for USA orders only. Payable by check only. Please make your check payable to Howard Fuller. Click for Europe info.

We have Autogas STCs for the Robinson R22 and Schweizer Sikorsky 269C-1.

Our STCs include approvals for Airframe Only, to operate on automotive gasoline.
(For Engine STCs, contact Petersen Aviation Inc..)

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Print out this page.
Write owner name and address as shown on your FAA Registration Certificate.
Circle your aircraft Model and enter your Aircraft Registration/Serial# and Engine Model/Serial#.
Mail with check to:
Howard Fuller, 99 Boylston Circle, Shrewsbury, MA 01545.

Owner name:


Aircraft info:


Engine Model/Serial#:

STC SH760NE: $845
Robinson R22 HP | Alpha | Beta | Beta II | Mariner

STC SR0081BO: $770
Schweizer Sikorsky 269C-1

STC SH0086BO: $1,070
Robinson R44 Astro | Raven I

Replacement Fuel Placard: $5.00

Contact Petersen Aviation Inc. for STC SH0086BO: Robinson R44 Astro | Raven I.

Important: minimum octane and other requirements

For Robinson products, the minimum octane is 91 (RON + MON/2).
For Schweizer, the minimum octane is 93.

All fuels must meet ASTM Specification D-439 for leaded fuel or D-4814 for unleaded. Fuel containing alcohol is not approved, nor is E-85 fuel at this time.

Call (508) 842-4261 or e-mail us for more info.



EN228 was found to be substantially similar to D-4814. A great many STCs have been sold in every country in Europe and now increasingly in Eastern Europe. To order STCs in Europe, contact our rep, Vliegwerk Holland BV [www.vliegwerkholland.nl].


*Prices and shipping costs differ in Europe due to EASA certification requirements.


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