About the Autogas STC (Automotive Gasoline Supplemental Type Certificate)

Use auto gas in your helicopter to gain fuel savings and increase engine power. The STC pays for itself in less than 50 hours of operation on autogas. And you don't have to make any engine modifications to eligible models (Robinson R22 HP, Alpha, Beta, Mariner, R22 Beta II, R44 Astro, Clipper, Raven I; and Schweizer 269C-1).

JTI Air sells STCs for the airframe — contact Petersen Aviation Inc. for Engine STCs.

Wayne Mulgrew used our STC and 91-octane automotive gasoline in his Robinson R22 to set an FAI altitude record of over 19,000 feet.

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We have run up to 13 helicopters at a time on autogas and have experienced no problems in nearly 26,000 hours of operation. And we have never received malfunction reports from any customers or from the FAA.

Approvals: Use of automotive gasoline is approved by the FAA and by EASA for these STCs: Robinson R22 HP, Alpha, Beta, Beta II, Mariner,Robinson R44 Astro, Clipper, Raven I. The R44 also is approved for UL91 fuel.

The Schweizer 269C-1 STC is approved by the FAA only.

Automotive fuel has the following advantages for the helicopter operator:

  • Smoother operation: no pedal twitch on hover (no plug fouling).
  • More power available due to better combustion efficiency.
  • Lower fuel consumption (approximately 0.5 to 1 gph less) due to better efficiency.
  • Hover at approximately 1” lower manifold pressure due to better engine efficiency.
  • Longer spark plug life due to absence of lead fouling.
  • Approximately $15-$30/hr. lower operating cost when compared to 100LL.
  • Universal availability of 91-octane automotive gasoline.
  • No hesitation in engine acceleration during power recovery.
  • Allows the use of anti-icing isopropyl alcohol for sub-freezing winter operations.

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Resources: Petersen Aviation STC Info



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